Ready for a Healing Arts Education?

Resource School: Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC

Following extensive training in Shiatsu, Acupressure, and the healing arts Brenda was encouraged by prospective students and her supportive teachers to open Studio Chi.

Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC Resource School

The school provides high-quality healing arts education that supports each student’s professional and personal goals in a setting that encourages communication, respect, confidentiality and safety for everyone. Studio Chi is registered by the Private Training Institutions Branch and is a Resource School: Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC.  As alternative therapies gain greater acceptance and recognition, the ancient hands-on practice of shiatsu and acupressure is becoming a vital part of the future of healthcare.


The studio overlooks the beautiful Okanagan Lake and is 15 kms from downtown Kelowna.  The school is within walking distance to the beach, waterfalls and hiking trails that take you into nature. This peaceful, serene setting is advantageous for learning and students are encouraged to discover what nature has to offer during the breaks.  Class size is limited to eight students, which allows for personal attention from the instructors who are able to spend more individual time necessary to accelerate learning.

Mission Statement

Studio Chi is committed to creating and maintaining the highest possible standards of education in shiatsu, acupressure and the healing arts.  We provide a dynamic, positive, safe & supportive environment where students can develop the knowledge, skills and awareness essential to becoming a Shiatsu Practitioner, Shiatsu Therapist or practitioner of the healing arts.