Tuning Forks Level 5

Tuning Forks Level 5: The Archetypal Dance of Yin & Yang

Two Day (14 hrs)
Workshop Fee: $350 + GST
Prerequisite: Tuning Forks Level 4 : Embracing the Sun


In this workshop students will learn how to connect with and understand the opposing yet complementary forces of Mars & Venus within us. Music theory and how it is applied in sound healing will be explored as they discover how and why to create tones, microtones, parallel 5ths, and minor 6ths using tuning forks.


Tuning forks therapy is based on the principles of sound healing and the knowledge of acupressure points and the chakras.  When tuning forks are placed on specific acupressure points they access the innate wisdom of the complete being (body, mind & soul) to create opportunities for perfect health and balance for that individual’s development.


Students require 2 Ohm tuning forks, 1 Low Ohm tuning fork and 1 Mid New Moon, 1 Low New Moon tuning fork or Luna Planetary 5th tuning forks set, 2 High Ohm tuning forks, 1 Osteo Ohm tuning fork, Solar 7th tuning forks set and Venus & Mars 5th tuning forks set.


Tuning forks can be ordered through Brenda at brenmolloy@studiochi.net

Studio Chi reserves the right to cancel programs and workshops with a minimum registration of 5 students.