Shiatsu Massage in Kelowna

“A healing practice is like a garden… each client is a unique and individual flower unfolding in its own rhythm” Brenda Molloy

Welcome to Studio Chi

Since 2002 Studio Chi has offered comprehensive classes and workshops in Reiki, Sound and Tuning Fork Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Yoga, Feng Shui and the healing arts.

The school provides high-quality education that supports each student’s professional and personal goals in a setting that encourages communication, respect, confidentiality and safety for everyone.

Learning and receiving Brenda's tuning fork facial has really added to my massage therapy practice. Clients are amazed at how relaxing it feels while opening up flows throughout their body as well. I have had great results for sinus and jaw issues and especially headaches & migraine relief and prevention. I highly recommend receiving these facials regularly for anyone.
We are so blessed to have Studio Chi and its cherished founder and core Teacher, Brenda Molloy offering her courses ONLINE! Having participated in several courses at Studio Chi's beautiful location in the sunny Okanagan, and experiencing profound learning and healing in the care of Brenda, I am excited those not able to travel to Kelowna can now access the amazing wisdom locked into these programs and courses. Brenda’s visual presence and Reiki energy healing will hold students spellbound and her knowledge and wisdom will offer much to each student.  The ability of today’s technology to allow us access to such special teachers is a true gift. I know that you will not be disappointed in the quality of instruction and the heartfelt connection you will have with Master Brenda Molloy. Enjoy every lesson; and, once started on the Studio Chi lineup of courses, I know you will wish to continue and join her students as well as Brenda herself on this wonderful journey of learning in the Holistic Healing Arts! Namaste
Studio Chi + Brenda, words cannot describe. Brenda is such a bright shining soul that welcomes each and every person with such love & gentleness. Studio Chi feels like home. I am forever grateful my path led me there.
It has been an absolute honour to have Brenda share her wisdom of the healing arts with me at Studio Chi. I have felt a deep sense of connection to myself and others through her teachings of Reiki and Tuning Fork Therapy. The openness, compassion, generosity and intuition she infuses in her courses keep me coming back for more! She seamlessly blends anatomy and physiology with energetic and vibrational medicine for a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I give my highest praises and encourage everyone to take any and all courses she offers, whether it's for personal growth or an addition to other healing modalities. Thank you Brenda for creating such a wonderful space to learn, grow and receive!
The first course I took at Studio Chi was Five Elements Counselling Skills in 2014. In just two short days, Brenda had opened the flood gates of knowledge for me. I was immediately intrigued to learn and know more. Brenda has an incredible ability to teach information, even a topic as in depth and complex as Chinese Medicine, in a way that is both beautifully poetic and relatable. My own practice was hugely transformed by what I learned that weekend and it inspired my journey to expand my knowledge of the healing arts with the many classes I have taken from Studio Chi since.  I highly recommend and encourage anyone to experience learning from such an amazingly wise woman. Brenda is a teacher that people wait their whole lives to meet. She is a rare and wonderful gift to our community!!!
I am so very grateful for Brenda and Studio Chi.  I have completed her Reiki Levels 1 thru Master Teacher and Acupressure - Extraordinary Vessels courses.  Not only is she my teacher, she has become a friend, kindred spirit and valuable mentor.  She is a divine soul teaching and sharing her comprehensive curriculum with love, light and unparalleled wisdom.  As Brenda teaches you don't just learn the information you feel it, you breathe it and you learn to live it. Upon completion of her classes, which are small and intimate, I felt whole again, expanded and awakened. At home in my heart and ready to put my new knowledge into action both in my work and personal life as healing and personal development cannot be separated. Brenda is a true angel who lives, loves and embraces her souls purpose, to teach the light workers path.
There is much that could be said about Brenda Molloy and Studio Chi. From the elegance of the facility itself, to Brenda's wealth of wisdom; it is easily my favourite place to be. Welcoming, thoughtful and genuine are just a few words that begin to capture the essence of the school. I have spent hundreds of days at what I refer to as "my home away from home" and I could not feel more fortunate for my memories at Studio Chi. The space itself feels alive, it is delightful to spend any amount of time nestled within its walls. Brenda's teaching style is malleable yet structured, she is adept at making her students feel accommodated and capable. It is rare that a school is able to be so comforting, yet expansive. Brenda has a magical ability to lead her students into great depths of knowledge, without overwhelming or pushing too hard. All the while, keeping her students interested in pursuing their learning beyond what is covered in class. Brenda approaches her teachings with grace, and thoroughly understands how to teach in a way that allows her students to feel at ease with the material. Over the years we have spent together, she has offered me a new way of being. To see the world with a refreshed perception is one of the most unique gifts that I have ever come across. It is with these delicate and intricate concepts that Brenda shines and excels. I'm delighted that the school is expanding, as it truly has so much to offer.
I have known and worked with Brenda for the past four years and come to love and deeply respect this woman who has grown and overcome many life obstacles in her search for meaning and truth. We have shared Shiatsu, Reiki and Feng Shui. Her ability to receive, retain and pass on ancient wisdom is a rare talent. It comes through in her bodywork, in her Feng Shui, in her speech, and constantly through her presence. If you are on a path to enlightenment or are just beginning on a journey to self, Brenda is without question a wonderful co-healer to work with!! Be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in your external environment with Feng Shui.
I’m not letting this Thanksgiving weekend pass without telling you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Wise Woman Weekend. And I never found the opportunity to tell you, personally, how much I appreciated your offering. You’re an inspiring teacher, exquisitely prepared and organized, and you clearly model the principles of that which you teach.
Your teaching and written work is so well put together, you are truly a gift to all whose paths you meet. I feel you have passed keys on to me to unlock so much in my world and for others that I may offer help.
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