Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Chiron - The Wounded Healer

1 Day (7 hrs)
Workshop Fee: $300
Prerequisite: Tuning Fork Level 3: Spanning the Frequencies

In this training session we will explore 3 frequencies of the Chiron tuning forks. Chiron represents the wounded healer in us. Students will learn a protocol to create healing intervals with Chiron as we explore the journey of our wounded healer.  Crystals and essential oils that assist us to support the Chiron within will be discussed.

Students require 2 Mid Ohm tuning forks, 1 Low Ohm tuning fork, 1 Mid Luna tuning fork & 1 Low Luna tuning fork, 2 High Ohm tuning forks, and the Chiron tuning forks set.

Tuning forks can be ordered through Brenda at [email protected]

Studio Chi reserves the right to cancel programs and workshops with a minimum registration of 5 students.

Your teaching and written work is so well put together, you are truly a gift to all whose paths you meet. I feel you have passed keys on to me to unlock so much in my world and for others that I may offer help.

Joyce Makowichuk, Kamloops