Acupressure Chair Massage


Two Days and 1 Evening (14 hrs) Workshop Fee: $350 Prerequisite: None The Acupressure Chair Massage course is an extremely popular therapy due to its versatility and convenience of not having to remove any clothing. Working on the pressure points of the upper body, this massage can be used in almost any setting, even outdoors. […]

Acupressure Oil Massage


Two Days (14 hrs) Workshop Fee: $350 Prerequisite: None Discover how to combine Acupressure points and an awareness of the meridians (energy pathways) in a relaxing, balancing & energizing oil massage. Students will be taught how to glide and flow over the body releasing tension as they go. Acupressure Oil Massage is performed with the […]

Basic Acupressure: Extraordinary Channels & Points


Two Days (14 hrs) Workshop Fee: $350 Prerequisite: None   Learn how to use and combine thirty (30) main acupressure points to promote healing. Discover the eight (8) extraordinary vessels and their associated symptoms. This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced […]