Begin 2019 with Healing Practices at Studio Chi

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Begin 2019 with Healing Practices at Studio Chi

Begin 2019 with Healing Practices at Studio Chi

With 2018 ending and 2019 beginning, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year and bring more healing practices into your life. Studio Chi has been offering extensive classes, workshops and training programs including Reiki TrainingShiatsu, Acupressure, Sound & Tuning Fork Therapy, Yoga, Feng Shui and the Healing Arts since 2002. Learn why taking hands-on healing arts classes at Studio Chi and implementing them into your practice is an exceptional way to begin the new year.

New Year, New Healing Practices 

Health and self-development take many forms and the practices we implement contribute to our overall health and wellness. Setting health and healing goals for the new year, such as taking a Reiki training workshop, is an exceptional way to invite more gratitude and positivity into the lives of practitioners and clients. With healing practices, we have the power to lead our happiest and healthiest life from facilitating healing to improving personal growth, self-awareness and agility when it comes to managing emotions. 

When clients combine healing arts with more traditional types of treatment, they often exhibit better results and report a higher sense of satisfaction with their overall well-being. Studies also indicate that healing arts and integrative therapies can fill gaps in treatment effectiveness, particularly for clients with complex, chronic health conditions and those seeking health promotion and disease prevention. 

Healing Practices at Studio Chi 

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to healing arts education, Studio Chi provides a wide selection of training and workshop programs. As one of the few schools in BC and outside the lower mainland, Studio Chi is an exceptional place for anyone searching for hands-on training. Programs include Shiatsu Practitioner & Shiatsu Therapist diploma programs, acupressure training, Reiki and tuning fork certificate programs. Class size is limited, to ensure more personal attention and time from instructors.  

Situated only 15 km from downtown Kelowna, Studio Chi overlooks the gorgeous Okanagan Lake and sweeping valley. Get the most of your schooling practice with our Reiki training, acupressure training classes or Shiatsu Therapist diploma program.  


Stay Ahead of the Curve with Hands-on Healing Practices in Kelowna  

As alternative healing gains prominence and acceptance, the ancient practices of shiatsu, Reiki and acupressure are becoming vital hands-on components within the future of our healthcare system. Holistic healing aims to identify the root cause, or causes, of an imbalance including physical pain, stress, poor sleep and more.  

Studio Chi offers a warm atmosphere and encourages respect, communication, safety and confidentiality for each and every student. Our aim is to ensure you receive exceptional training to implement in your own practice and help your clients shift towards a healthier balance. As a practitioner, you may guide your clients through processes such as emotional recognition and release, dietary modification, spiritual connection, and more. Not only will your clients be making improvements towards their original imbalance, but also in many realms of their life. At Studio Chi, we want to ensure you have the skills and tools to guide your clients to your best ability.  

Accelerate your knowledge of the Healing Arts and harmonic health within the stunning atmosphere of the Okanagan. 

Interested in learning more about these or other healing arts programs? Contact Brenda Molloy at Studio Chi to get started with professional training within this fast-growing industry.