Shiatsu Training for the Massage Therapist

Tuning Forks Level 3 Spanning The Frequencies

Four Days (24 hrs)
Workshop Fee: $500
Prerequisite: Previous massage training


This program is approved by the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMT) for 24 contact hours of continuing education and professional development.
This four day intensive program will focus on a Shiatsu treatment of front, back and side including a neck and shoulder release. Students will discover how to use correct pressure, body positioning, and timing while using their thumbs, fingers, palms and elbows. Participants will be taught 30 main acupressure points, meridian pathways, and the location and use of source points. Theory will consist of history, yin and yang, and the flow of chi/ki (energy). Indications and contraindications will be discussed.


Studio Chi reserves the right to cancel programs and workshops with a minimum registration of 5 students.

Your teaching and written work is so well put together, you are truly a gift to all whose paths you meet. I feel you have passed keys on to me to unlock so much in my world and for others that I may offer help.

Joyce Makowichuk, Kamloops