Brenda Molloy RST, CA, RYT

Brenda Molloy - RST, CA, RYT

My Teaching Mission: The Healing Arts

My teaching mission is to provide a dynamic, positive, safe & supportive learning environment where students can develop the knowledge, skills and awareness essential to becoming responsible and gifted people in their careers, personal life, and community.


Through my teaching I hope to empower individuals to respect, love and honour themselves.  As each individual awakens to their highest potential so in turn they influence their home, community and the world.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

I believe that as I teach I am influencing the world because each student is like a pebble creating waves of knowledge in the global pool.  I strive to encourage my students to explore, embrace, and expand information and skills, and to return to the classroom and share their experiences and beliefs in the healing arts.


Through my discipline and enthusiasm to embrace knowledge I endeavour to awaken the students’ desire to learn, making learning a life-long journey that is contagious and empowering.

Sound Practitioner

I enjoy creating sound meditation CDs that fill the listener with healing sound vibrations, beautiful visualizations and empowering affirmations.



Having known Brenda for over 20 years, my heart delights in watching this amazing woman come into her own natural beauty and passions.  She has so much to share of her own personal journey as well as passed on wisdom from direct study with highly notable Masters and teachers.


One of the greatest qualities of a speaker is the voice – sound vibration – a voice infused with truth found within that radiates the message no matter what words are spoken.  Brenda has this presence.


Preparation of material, attention to audience and the setting of sacred space to receive the message/teaching are all Brenda’s forte.
You will not be disappointed.  Enjoy the beauty of Brenda’s grace in speech, presence and light.


In greatest gratitude,

Suki Derriksan, Holistic Health Practitionaire & Yoga Therapist, Mama Suki